Our customers: Embroidery Service

Embroidery Service, an innovative and dynamic company based near Milan, presents the market with high quality products of Italian origin,

and we are proud that our Breva printer is among them.

Embroidery Service is a company with in-depth experience in the printing industry and beyond.

Experience and innovation have enabled Embroidery to develop a new variant of Breva, which is based on Lift-up:

The Lift-up is a stand on which the printer is placed and which allows the personalization of objects of different sizes, thanks to the large central area that allows its positioning.
The shelves in the Lift-up can be moved vertically between different height levels, depending on the size of the product to be printed on.

This structure makes it even easier to print on objects of all sizes, from the smallest, such as pens or pencils, to the largest, such as rucksacks, shoes or footballs:

With this model it is possible to print up to 300 mm thick.
As a flatbed printer Breva has the flexibility to use the entire 390mm x 330mm flatbed area to position objects or substrates for printing.
The front and back sides of the printer are open so that objects longer than 330 mm can be placed on the aluminium base.
Breva has no limits…and our distributors are too far ahead! ????

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Embroidery Service S.r.l.

Via Fratelli Bandiera, 7

20090 Trezzano sul Naviglio (MI)

+39 02 45898967 – +39 339 4176273

Email: info@embroideryservice.it



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