Breva Control Center is a windows based printer driver, RIP software and management tool for controlling and optimizing ink parameters, print settings and images processing.
Jobs can be stored directly into the printer for easy repeatability. iJet2L recommends Scribus (Open Source Desktop Publishing) as graphics print program.

Breva can also print files generated by any Windows program (Word, Paint, Photoshop, etc) to its embedded Windows print driver.

Thanks to user-Friendly features, Scribus can:

Breva Golf, Breva Optics, Breva Cosmetics and Breva Nameplates include Scribus Templates designed for the maximum ease of use.



Tornado is a Webapp designed for working with Breva from any Windows or Android tablet via WiFi granting a unique personalization experience.

Tornado is provided with Breva Golf and can be customized for any retail application.

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