Breva has a Printing Area of 150 mm x 170 mm / 5.9” x 6.7” and can print on objects up to 50 mm / 2” thick.

The 50 mm / 2” thickness can be used either for positioning objects or substrates directly on the printer base or using dedicated jigs that can be fixed on the printer base for easy and accurate positioning of the object or components to be personalized, identified or printed.

iJet2L manufactures jigs for several applications and can assist or engineer jigs for any new printing need.

Being a flatbed printer Breva has the flexibility of using the entire flatbed area of 390 mm x 330 mm / 15.3” x 13” for positioning objects or substrates to be printed.

Front and rear sides of the printer are opened so even objects longer than 330 mm / 13” can be positioned on the aluminum base.

This feature may also be considered for long jigs or dedicated trays able to hold a high quantity of small objects or components to print and even for automatic feeders or conveyors.

Breva has an embedded Linux OS enabling the printer to work as a stand-alone device or in connection with one or several Windows PCs using USB or WiFi connection.

Please contact us for more info or for engineering the most suitable solution for your printing needs.

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