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Breva – still in its first prototype appearance, wins the Munich InPrint show Innovation Awards 2017 for Extraordinary product.

Danilo Rigardo, a visionary innovator in the printing industry, with knowledge in the three key fields for digital printing: hardware, software and inks develop the first prototype of s-Tager, the prototype name of today’s Breva.

Luca Ragnotti and Luca Ceriani, friends since teenagers times with a common passion for sailing, founded iJet2L with the aim of bringing Breva to market.

An immediate focus has been given to the design of this printer able to express the unique characteristics of the printer.

A leading Italian design company – AMV – shaped the innovative concept of Breva.

iJet2L is an innovative start up company bringing to life visionary projects able to set revolutionary milestones within the industrial printing industry.

Has its headquarters in near Milan and manufacturing facilities near Ivrea.

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our production

Breva printers are manufactured and assembled at the ESSEBI plant in Ivrea (TO).

ESSEBI established in 1986 and specialised in mechanical assembly and electronic production, manufacture Breva under iJet2L licensing agreement from component storing to the finished and tested product, ready for shipment.

All electronic circuits and the mainboard are manufactured in Italy at ESSEBI. iJet2L engineers control the supply chain and constantly supervise Breva production.


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