Add value to your products with BREVA PRINTER

Breva is the ideal device for your optical centre, perfect for adding value to your products.

With Breva you can print names, logos or images on glasses temples, microfibers, glasses cases, contact lenses and more.

You can do this directly in your centre, in front of your client… the wow effect is immediate!


You can easily and quickly personalize your products, in just a few steps, from your PC or from your tablet, using our personalization software TORNADO.

Today the personalization is on the cutting edge, it is very much in request and appreciated by customers.

Retain your customers and differentiate yourself from the competitors by offering a premium service!

One of the great advantages of offering a customisation service is the increased business it brings. A personalized product acquires added value compared to a standard product and can therefore be sold at a higher price.

Breva you can print in many colours and you can create your own style! There are so many inks available and new ones are being developed all the time: black, white, red, magenta, blue, gold and silver are just a few!

Success is guaranteed. After the first personalized microfiber, the multiplier effect is immediately created: the customer will start asking you for a microfibers for their daughter, sister, husband and mother-in-law!



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